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The Ultimate Guide to

How a Business could Avoid Employee Theft

One of the main threats in retail stores would be shoplifting. The idea of swiping money from products and then walking out not being noticed is definitely a terrifying experience. There is however a far more bigger threat than the said problem.

An effective way for you to deal with such problem is to simply prevent it from happening in the first place. When an employee is stealing, it can in fact become a tricky situation for one to handle. What you read more in this article are helpful tips that will be able to help for you to avoid getting such problems.

Do a Background Check

It is a standard process to do some background check and it can in fact help a lot in removing those that are not suitable for your business. Some of the things that you could do are:

It is best that you should never ask someone whether they have a criminal background. It’s Best that you do interviews first and know them more so you are able to avoid discriminating someone.

You should be consistent and do the same process for every applicant.

You should also consider using a professional agency.

Consider Counting your Cash Drawers Daily

You need to consider counting your cash drawers everyday in order for you to track with how much cash is in it at all times. If you do the count, you can actually avoid employee theft and you will also detect it.

Use a Surveillance Software

Surveillance softwares are not only about video cameras. The cameras have a software that helps in detecting anomalies and will also alert you about the problem. These systems are in fact good in documenting any instance of employee theft.

Keep the Employees Happy

Having happy employees will benefit a business. They will be more productive as well and they have less chance of stealing from your business. The retail industry actually is not that good on the case of making sure that employees are happy. But there are some businesses who has eliminated the gender gap and there are even those even pays the college education of their employees. You also will find some who pays their employees with a reasonable rate for every hour and they also hire exclusively from within. For small businesses, you owe it to your employees when it comes to providing fair pay even when you are still not able to pay them with high level pay. Its likewise your obligation to provide your employees with a happy work environment, which in return will help to avoid cases of employee theft.

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