A Simple Plan:

A Simple Plan:

Points You Should Know about the World’s Most Dangerous Hackers

In every 39 seconds there is usually a hack that is taking place, majority of the hacks are usually against small businesses do you find that large corporations and individuals are also victims. Below are some of the most famous hackers and the hacking crimes that the committed.

These hackers became well known because of the hacking activities that they did. Their terrifying crimes range from ID theft to stealing classified information from the military. One of the famous hackers was known as Guccifer, His real name was Marcel Lehel Lazar who is responsible for the hackings of several American political figures. He was the first person to share Photos of President George Bush’s paintings it is also alleged that he hacked into the email and Facebook accounts of a former secretary of state Colin Powell. He is mostly known for exposing Hillary Clinton’s private emails during trial he pleaded guilty to hacking and identity theft.

Albert Gonzalez is also a very famous hacker who was employed by the secret service. Albert together with his hacking gang used Wi-Fi to break into retailers and secured computer networks. During their run they stole and sold over 140 million credit card numbers, he stole from big-name retailers. He was later on sentenced for 20 years after having confessed to his crimes.

Mark Ray Butler was a computer consultant who later on turned into a hacker and started committing crimes. He is known for making over 86 million dollars in fraudulent purchases which he made with a 2 million credit card numbers that he stole. He was accused by the police for starting an online market which was used by hackers to share and sell people’s personal information. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison after he made a confession of all the crimes that he committed.

Who became famous because of hacking the new york times is known as Adrian lamo. He spent two years on probation and was more info fined sixty-five thousand dollars was a crime, but he committed, later on, he still continued committing hacking crimes. He later on exposed a hacker named Chelsea manning’s after Chelsea leaked some of the us army confidential information. There is also a group which is very famous for its hacking activities, and it is well known as anonymous, the group is known for hacking big institutions such as PayPal and hacking various campaigns to support various political campaigns and social justice events though up to now they have not been arrested for their crimes.

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