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A Quick History of

Find out the Areas to Tour in Paris

In case its your first time to visit Paris, or you have been here before and have come visiting again, welcome to Paris. Being in this city will offer you the golden opportunity to experience the romance, see the beauty and sights that are breathtaking Your stay in the city will be a memorable one since there are so many beautiful places you can visit, and so many activities you can participate in. Many people get into the dilemma of not knowing where to begin when they visit this city given the many places they can tour. In case you are wondering how you will manage to visit these places within the time you are in the city, this blog is for you.

In case you are planning to visit Paris, make sure that you step your feet to the Louvre. For nearly eight centuries, Louvre has been a part of French history. In 1973, Louvre was developed into a museum. In this sight, you will have the opportunity of seeing the amazing work of famous people such as Theodore Gericault, Leonardo da Vinci, Eugene Delacroix, and many more. Make sure that you have your ticket in advance lest you miss a chance due to the high number of visitors trickling in Louvre. You may also need to book a hotel in case you fail to exhaust all the places. If you desire to know more about Louvre, consider this blog.

Another place that you must visit is the Eiffel Tower. As you read this blog, you will come to realize that people travel from every corner of the world to visit this site. This beautiful tower is useful since it is used as a hub of communication. Since the tower is made using beautiful and special materials, it is termed as modern architecture. More about Eiffel Tower can be found in this blog.

The third place you should tour is the Norte Dame. The Norte Dame Cathedral is the place that will capture your attention while in this place. The cathedral is the most popular type of Gothic architecture. While at the cathedral, you will see the inner part of the church. Inside the church you will come across two holy artifacts and the popular rose windows. Check this blog for more about Norte Dame Cathedral.

You trip to place is never complete if you fail to visit catacombs. You will have the chance of seeing a serious of tunnels build underground by the miners in the thirteen century. Currently, the number of people who come to see the underground tunnels is inexplicable. The history behind catacombs is also interesting, and attracts many people into it. This blog can offer you more info about catacombs.

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